Basic router settings - Ubiquiti

You need information about your router? Then you are right here. Now and then it is necessary to make settings on your own router.

The following standard setting is especially common with the manufacturer Ubiquiti:

Manufacturer Ubiquiti
IP address
Username <empty>
Password <empty>

If the list above does not match your Ubiquiti model, you can select your appropriate router here. If you can't find your router, below you'll find the contact form, which you are welcome to use to have your router recorded. Many Thanks!

Credentials are important

Before a router is put on the market, it must be ensured that it can be managed by the end user in some way. To make things easier here, it is common practice - not just for routers - that a standard user name and a uniform password are assigned to a product by default. Some manufacturers also make it easy and do not even configure standard credentials. This is not tragic, since the end user is required to protect his router itself. By creating a unique user for himself and providing him with a self-generated password, he creates a barrier in some ways that makesit harder for attackers, also called hackers, to enter the system.

Anyone with a router at home should know basic things about information security. This includes, among other things, the logon process on a router in order to make subsequent settings in more detail if necessary. Especially in the time in which we are now, in the home automation technology is more and more on the rise, it is essential in some ways to deal with basic IT security issues. If the end user does not protect his router, it is easier for a potential attacker to penetrate the victim's home network and cause damage.